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  • Papa's Hot D

Papa’s Hot Doggeria

Posted On: March 10th, 2016

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Category: Popular, Skill

Description: This is another new restaurant game from Flipline Studios. Your job is to work in Papa Louie's Hot Doggeria and serve hot dogs and snacks for the fans at stadium. Papa’s Hot Doggeria is a flash game that tests your time management skills. In the game, you run a hot-dog stand, for Papa Louie and you try to sell as many as orders to customers, without messing them up. Customers are hungry as they watch their favorite teams at a baseball stadium. You need to ensure that you get every customers order correctly serving them hotdog, toppings and other extras such as soda or popcorn. There are four different tasks that you have to perform perfectly. The first is accepting customers’ season ticket at the ticket station. The next is timing the cooking at the grill station. The third is assembling the topping at the build station. Finally, adding extras at the pop station.

Instructions: Detailed Instructions can be found in the game.

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