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  • Javelin Figh

Javelin Fighting

Posted On: April 28th, 2018

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Category: Skill


How good are you at aiming and throwing an arrow? Javelin Fighting is all about that! just aim and throw the arrow at the opponent and win. Javelin Fighting is a fun and easy to play game.

Key Highlights

- Players hits the opponent standing on towers (the hight of which varies at each level)
- Headshot is a straightaway win
- There is a health power-up feature that both the players get
- Javelin Fighting game is quite engaging with good sound effects

Instructions: - Try hitting the opponent on a pedestal platform.
- The players have a health bar, in order to eliminate them one must hit multiple times and head shots are more powerful.
- You need to be fast as you get a few chances to escape from the opponents shots. So, aim and shoot fast.
Controls: Mouse

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