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The Worlds Hardest Game

Posted On: March 9th, 2016

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Category: Popular, Puzzle

Description: The World's Hardest Game, as the name suggests is one of the hardest games that consist of thirty unbeatable levels. The author of this incredible game is Snubby Land. Red ball is the heroes here that are square in shape. While reaching the next end there are many blue balls and player should not hit the blue balls. These blue balls are always in movements and for several levels different formation of blue balls is designed that aims to hit the red ball. The only aim should be reaching the green zones without hitting the blue balls or else the life will get over and the games starts from first. While crossing the zones, collect the yellow balls. The lesser the life used, the better the scores in The World's Hardest Game

Instructions: Use Arrow keys for moving the red balls. In keyboard player can use, WASD for movements. This game is now available in iPhones, and iPad also.

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