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The Worlds Hardest Game 2

Posted On: March 10th, 2016

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Category: Popular, Puzzle

Description: The World Hardest Game 2 is the most adventurous and challenging game that has total of 50 unbeatable levels. The red squared ball is you and the most challenging issue here is crossing the lane and reaching the green zone. There are many blue balls running in crossovers in a fast manner. The player has to move the red ball using arrow keys to escape from the blue balls that are crossing over the lane. If the blue ball hits the red, one life is gone and starts with the new game again. At the same time while the player crosses the lane, they also have to catch the yellow balls without touching the blue one that are always in a movable state. Avoid deaths to attain maximum score.

Instructions: Use the Arrow keys or WASD for movements.

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