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  • Papa's Freez

Papa’s Freezeria

Posted On: March 10th, 2016

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Category: Popular, Skill

Description: Make Ice Creams And Enjoy Playing Papa’s Freezeria: If you love to make ice creams and serve it your customers, then Pap’s Freezeria online game is one that you will die for. You are in for a hectic day each day at the lovely tropical island where Papa Louie has set up his new ice cream shop for his loyal customers who come to the island for a vacation. This is a new game that has been developed as part of the Papa Louie’s restaurant series. You will be required to run the ice cream shop right from taking orders, making the ice creams as per the customer’s request and finally serve it to the customer. You will be mixing syrups and ice creams and adding the toppings and serving the Freezeria Sundaes to the customers. There are a lot of syrups and topping available that you will be unlocking as you play the game and change the levels.

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