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  • Liquid Measu

Liquid Measure 3

Posted On: March 23rd, 2016

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Category: Puzzle

Description: Liquid Measure 3 is the third installment of awesome puzzle game and the ultimate motto of the player is to route the water flow to fill the pots. You can control the flow by moving the pieces and placing them in right place. The game is played with different items like antimatter bomb, water multiplier, teleport, funnels, pots, three way splitter and tanks. These items are available in different sizes and the players should select the right one. Try to fill the pots without any loss of water. The capacity of pots and tanks are displayed. Fill the pots with 100% water.

Instructions: Use mouse to arrange flash pieces. Setup made can be tested by selecting the START icon. Use SPACE button to start or stop the water flow and R button to restart the particular level.

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