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  • Jacksmith


Posted On: March 9th, 2016

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Category: Popular, Skill

Description: Bring Out Your Creative Talents with Jacksmith : If you love to craft weapons Jacksmith is the game for you. You have to use your imagination to craft the best weapons for the warriors in this game. Jacksmith is the craftiest donkey. It is possible to choose the metal ore and mold of the weapons. You have to melt the metal and pour it to the molds to design new weapons. You will have to develop your strategy to make perfect weapons like bows, arrows, swords and axes. Once you create the weapons you are off to the battle field with the team of warriors. When the warriors fight you have to collect the loot and man the cannons. You can collect ores and parts to make better weapons. You have to reach the great evil wizard Dudley after crossing different lands. You can use the mouse to choose, pour, hammer and build weapons. There is no doubt that Jacksmith is an interesting game and you will really love the adventure that is packed in this game.

Instructions: Take order from beer soldiers and craft weapons for them.

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