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  • Feudalism 3

Feudalism 3

Posted On: March 9th, 2016

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Category: Popular, Strategy

Description: Feudalism 3 is yet another addition to this combat based Feudalism series. The background is that the world is in problem yet again and it needs one big conqueror who will fight and destroy all the opposing armies. So you have to play the role of leading the armies for the king and country to dominate the world. There are 5 different worlds and there is war going between each world to gain the supremacy and conquer the others. Each kingdom is equipped with a completely unique skill which needs to be collected and the same can be used to upgrade it with magical runes found throughout the world.

Instructions: The game needs both keyboard and mouse to play. Move around with the help of the mouse and click when you want to strike. Keys 1-9 on the keyboard help to acquire and change abilities.

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