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  • Amigo Pancho

Amigo Pancho 3

Posted On: March 23rd, 2016

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Category: Puzzle

Description: Amigo Pancho 3 is an amazing game and it is the third part of great Amigo Pancho series. The balloon in idol hand is responsible for him to fly over and reach the targeted place. You have to be careful with helium balloon and save them from thorny stones and knives of bad mans. Once the balloons are broken, you have to play from first. Amigo Pancho 3 has total of twenty five levels. In the middle to reach the target place, you will have to clear the sands and make the thorns to fall on bad man to avoid the balloons to be burst from the knives they have, there are also many achievements and rewards like, silver medal, first blood, unstoppable for superior play.

Instructions: Use the mouse to clear the sand. Click on the man using mouse to move. Press 1 for win level, press 2 for movement, 3 for bomb.

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